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About Us

Frontline Feminists Scotland has been established as a way to amplify women's voices, in an era where women are increasingly unheard and ignored. We defend the right of women to be involved in debate and discussions about our society without fear.

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Statement of Intent


We are a feminist collective aiming to amplify the voices of women in Scotland, to defend and protect women’s hard-won rights.

See our Beliefs & Values below.

Our current Demands are .....


  • Protect and maintain women’s rights to specialist services and spaces, specifically single sex provisions that support recovery and ensure protection from male violence and abuse.


  • End all male violence against women and children, including commercial sexual exploitation, and hold legal & criminal justice systems to account where they fail to prioritise the protection of women and children.

  • That women’s voices are heard and contribute to the development of a new wellbeing economy that delivers on action to resolve the disproportionate impacts of poverty and climate change in oppression of women.

  • Improve health care for women and demand services that are transparent, accountable and responsive to women’s needs. This includes challenging the over-medicalisation of women, particularly for those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, rape and other forms of violence and abuse.



These demands will evolve as we build our movement.