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Frontline Feminists Scotland is committed to sharing information that develops feminist thinking. All the articles below reflect our values and beliefs. Click on the logo to access. We welcome any recommendations.

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The category of “hate crime” is now widely recognized, both legally and in the culture at large. To many activists fighting racism and homophobia, this recognition is welcome; but what value does it have for feminists dealing with violence against women and children? Is “hate crime” a useful concept, or is it ultimately divisive and unhelpful? Liz Kelly weighs up the arguments.

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Occasionally I’m asked what makes it so hard to exit prostitution. It took me years to leave, I kept returning – and this is true for many women. What makes it so hard is the complexity of the situation. When I went to a counselling service for prostitutes to ask for help to exit, I was told: “If you don’t want to do this any longer, just don’t go back to the brothel!” But it isn’t that simple.

UK Policy Briefings

Spring Budget 2021: Social care, gender and Covid-19

Date Posted: Monday 1st March 2021


Over the ten years from 2009 to 2018, at least 1,425 women were killed by men in the UK.3 This means that a man killed a woman every three days; a woman was killed by a male partner or ex-partner every four days. One of the most tragic findings of this research is that the rate at which men kill women shows no sign of reducing.

Femicide Census - 10 years 2009 - 2018 


Executive Summary

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Challenges for 2021 and Beyond - Scottish Women's Budget Group

Women are facing a rising tide of poverty. The challenge for 2021 and beyond is how to build a gender equal economy that prioritises care of one another and the environment in which we live. We call this a caring economy.

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The Political Erasure of Sex is an overarching project which aims to document the process of policy capture in our public institutions, and how it is impacting the recognition and recording of biological sex in public policy, law, language, and data-collection.


PEDERSEN, S. [2021]. They've got an absolute army of women behind them: the formation of a women's cooperative constellation in contemporary Scotland. Scottish affairs [online], (accepted). To be made available from:


"There is a huge difference between the Scottish Government's reputation for open and transparent consultation, which suggests that any actor can contribute to policy-making, and the reality of policy-making in systems which produce pre-consultation and more exclusive group-government relationships."

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Wise Women's publication "Self Defence no offence". This publication expllores the role of feminist personal safety in challenging patriarchy. This was produced in response to contraversy around safety advice for women.


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Something to think about when involving women victims-survivors[1] of sexual or domestic violence and abuse in your campaigning.

Feminist campaigns for women’s rights and against all forms of male violence against women have always been directly informed by women’s experiences, by their stories of survival and recovery and by honouring those who did not survive. Women’s stories are very powerful; their voices have often galvanised public opinion and led to highly successful campaigns and social movements. Dr Anni Donaldson has produce this guidance for supporting survivors to raise their voice.


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