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Frontline Feminists Scotland know how frustrating it can be when we feel powerless and unable to do anything to change things.

We will be running campaigns to highlight violations of women's human rights in Scotland.

Please get in touch if there is something you think we should be campaigning for or against.

Women's Voices Matter

Frontline Feminists Scotland are committed to amplifying women's voices, particularly those who are silenced the most. 

Below we have grouped information and links under relevant headings, on issues that we think women's voices are least heard, or are urgently requiring attention.

Over the coming months we will expand on this information and are happy to include any information you feel is relevant. Just forward your suggestions by email, via the button above.

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Image by DANNY G
Image by davide ragusa

Single Sex Service Provision

Hate Crime

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Image by Clay Banks

Criminal Justice

Image by kevin turcios

Medical Responses to Social Issues

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