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Impact of Covid on women

Research has shown that although men are more likely die of covid-19, women due to their responsibilities and work environment are more likely to be infected. Caring responsibilities, workloads and responsibilities for children all are hot spots for transmission. Yet we know very little about women's experiences. Much of the policy and strategy is based on general approaches, which usually reflects men's experiences.

This page will include information on women's experiences and links to support and activists.


Scotland in Lockdown

This is the website of the study: “Health and social impacts of Covid-19 in Scotland”. We aim to understand how the response to Covid-19 including lockdown measures is affecting those who may already have been isolated or excluded. Scotland in Lockdown | How have Covid-19 measures affected your life?

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Covid Micro briefing 2 - The impact on women

This micro briefing presents a range of evidence of the disproportionate impact of the social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on women. COVID-19 micro briefing 2: Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic - exploring the unequal social and economic burden on women - Policy Scotland (


Close the Gap briefing for Scottish Government Debate COVID-19 Next Steps - Economy June 2020
Briefing from Close the Gap emphasising the importance of sex aggregated monitoring of the impact of Covid-19

1617263410_Close-the-Gap-briefing-for-Scottish-Government-Debate---COVID-19-and-the-economy.pdf (

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