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Hate Crime Legislation

Frontline Feminists Scotland is alarmed at the impact of the changes to the Hate Crime Legislation, that once again has omitted to protect women.

We welcome Helena Kennedy's working group which will consider whether women should be protected under Hate Crime legislation or under a stand alone piece of legislation. It is however unacceptable to us that the Scottish Government has failed to examine and produce protective legislation for women alongside other protected characteristics. This leaves women vulnerable to investigation and prosecution. This is particularly relevant at a time where there is confusion created by perceived differences between National and Local policy, on issues such as single sex services, and the Equality Act 2010, which imposes a duty of protection for the category of sex on government bodies.

Frontline Feminists Scotland welcomed Jeanette Findlay, formerly of Fans Against Criminalisation, to discuss the Offensive Behaviour Act and the links to the Hate Crime legislation passed in Scotland in 2021. Access our report on the event here:

Working Group on Misogyny and Criminal Justice in Scotland


The Working Group on Misogyny and Criminal Justice in Scotland was established to explore the gaps in law that do not adequately address misogynistic harassment.


This group is keen to hear the views of as many organisations and individuals as possible.


Frontline Feminists Scotland is concerned that there is currently no hate crime legislation specific to women. The Working Group will consider all submissions and we would encourage all women to submit their experiences, knowledge and opinions on how the government can respond to protect women in their communities.

Use the button below to access the survey.

Legal Information

Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act

Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 (

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