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Why join the Single Sex Providers Network?

The Single Sex Providers Network is a confidential forum for frontline workers and organisations in the violence against women sector. Although supported by Frontline Feminists Scotland membership details are held separately.

We recognise that it is difficult for workers to speak out in Scotland today and that organisations that want to continues to provide single sex services for women are fearful of losing funding.

Join us for support, to explore the issues affecting women today and to explore how we can develop our service for the 21st century. You will be joining a safe space that listens to your voice.

Frontline Feminists Scotland believes that everyone's voice should be heard and we strive to create safe spaces for women to discuss and reflect on the experiences and to organise collective action. Please find our safe space statement below. We ask any affiliated group to adopt this statement.

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Or download an application form here

Please note only frontline workers in the Violence Against Women Sector can become members of the Single Sex Providers Network. If you do not work in this sector you can still join Frontline Feminists Scotland. Please visit our website at">

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