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In this brave new world podcasts are most definitely the way to go. Interviews and discussions on a every subject you could wish for podcasts can be listened to in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

In this section we will include the podcasts that explore women's lives and their experinece of oppression.

We will be including our own as soon, so if you have something to say let us know and we can arrange to chat.


Filia is a Women-led Volunteer organisation and part of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

“Fab collection of podcasts on a diverse range of feminist subjects from the team at FiLiA UK. If you haven’t been to one of their life-changing powerful feminist conferences you really should treat yourself"!” Podcasts — FiLiA

Scottish Sisters and the Struggle for Funding

Frontline Feminists Scotland join our sisters from Lanarkshire to look at the challenges to providing single sex services in Scotland. #143 Scottish Sisters and the struggle for funding — FiLiA

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Undeclared War on Women - Anne Hughes speaks to Elaine Rae

Wonderful although heartbreaking discussion on women oppression and femicide

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Anne speaks to Dawn Fyfe of Frontline Feminists Scotland about women's protection.

What we know for sure is whilst women experience male violence and abuse, women and children need refuges and other services that focus on their experience.

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Femicide and the Forgotten Women of Juarez

For 30 years, women in the Mexican border city of Juarez have been disappearing, many of them turning up dead in mass graves. We don't know who the killers are. Very few people have been charged, and fewer convicted. Oz Woloshyn and Monica Oritz Uribe discuss this powerful true crime story.

Women Uninterrupted series - Popular Education Network Scotland

A series of podcasts focused on women activists experiences. Podcasts | Mysite (


For some summer reading, or any other time of the year, our recommendations for books.


If your preference is film here are some recommendations for what women found insipiring.


Podcasts can be an easy and fun  to access information. 


Recommendations for research, articles and books from the collection.

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