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10 ways to discuss women’s right to safety

  • Grow skin at least 10 inches thick.

  • Spend at least 1000 hours collating every piece of information you can find on single sex services, whether relevant or not, to make sure you can answer every question ever asked about single sex services.

  • Be prepared to share details of the most intimate violence you have experienced.

  • DO NOT expect compassion.

  • Write up your arguments and spend weeks scrutinising the information, just in case a “t” not crossed signals indecision.

  • Contact at least 30 other activists and groups to ensure that you are not mistaken about your actual experience and opinion on the subject.

  • Find multiple ways to make your safety needs palatable to liberal sensitivities. Do not hurt feelings.

  • Be prepared to have normally sensible people shout one line abuse at you without reacting. Any reaction proves you’re an over emotional, transphobe.

  • Have extremely low expectations. Regardless of the time, energy and emotional trauma you invest expectations will be you step aside for others.

  • Alternatively join Frontline Feminists Scotland. Meet like-minded, compassionate women. Change the World together.

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