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We are!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We are mothers daughters sisters aunties grannies great grannies. God mothers, god

daughters, goddesses. We are the wee wummin sitting next to you on the bus and the

women living on the street .We feel guilt when we cant give more.

We are fat thin tall short and everything in between. We have boobs the size of space

hoppers and some have two peas rattling about an ironing board. Others have one and

some none, bearing the scars of battles won.

We are all the colours of the rainbow an alphabet of sexualities and have abilities as wide,

diverse and as varied as the Scottish weather in the space of an hour.

We work. We are paid less. We are pissed off. We look after our own and others weans

wiping bums and noses as we go. We care for the women and men who came before us

forgotten by a society obsessed by keeping young.

We empower kids and hope they respect themselves and others. We turned the drudgery of

cleaning into a business. We endure abuse but would rip the head off and spit down the

neck of those who hurt the ones we love.

We walk your dog, feed your cat and water your plants crossing fingers we don’t kill any of


We give you a shoulder to cry on no matter the time of day and defend you even when you

are completely over the top hormonally out of order. We are loyal.

We eat fruit while dreaming of chocolate and the diet always starts on Monday.

We are passionate, sarcastic, minxy bolshie and bold. We generally and regularly refuse to

be told.

We have been hurt but are not broken. We don’t need fixed. We just need respect.

Correction not need DEMAND.

We don’t hate men, just misogynistic, sexist, abusive arseholes.

We are flawed. That’s ok.

We are activists, campaigners and builders of services. We are Gardener’s planting positive

seeds of doubts in the heads of women affected by the toxic weeds of others.

We are inspiring changers of legislation and liberators.

We are mad as a box of wine gums.. We like wine gums.

We NEED to remember our achievements. Remind others of our achievements

We are women first and everything else second.

We will not ....absolutely not be defined by others.

We will not accept that being a woman is something to be ashamed of.

We will challenge those who would try to deny us our herstory, our femaleness, our biology,

sex or sexuality and we will win that challenge.

We are proud of our woman hood

We have earned our stripes.

We are women...we are the 51%.


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