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Women's Voices Matter

Frontline Feminists Scotland has become aware that some of those women in positions of power and responsibility to represent the needs of abused women and children consider our very existence “Transphobic”. At what point in our progressive Scotland did the act of raising of questions become a form of hatred?

These women who have not attended a meeting. Who have not heard women weep as they discuss their fears for their relationships with daughters. Not heard those very women reflect on the needs of all, trying to understand and support, but determined that this will not be to the detriment of those most vulnerable to male abuse.

What phobia will describe this dismissal of women’s fears, as they are stripped of their titles, roles and histories. What phobia can women rely on to defend their right to exist and their right to be heard. Certainly not womanphobia? Misogyny? Apparently not yet as we wait for a Government Working group to give us permission to name the hatred women experience. What phobia describes the dismissal of rape, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, prostitution, never mind childbirth, low pay, single parenthood and mental health responses that reinforce the discrimination experienced by women.

Frontline Feminists Scotland exists to defend women’s right to name their experiences and to access safe spaces to recovery. We exist because for too long too many women have been silenced due to fears for employment, relationships and safety. Women who have often experienced male violence and abuse. Who now feel threatened when they identify their experiences as a women, whether this is in health, single sex services and/or criminal justice.

What is it these people who are paid to represent women are asking of women, particularly those from working class communities? Are they asking them to open their arms, bruised and cut, to the needs of all those around them? Are they asking them give up spaces that will save their lives to save the lives of others? Are they asking them to stay silent, as did their abuser who looked for compliance and a secrecy that allowed them to continue their abuse, even after she is gone and they move on to someone else.

Frontline Feminists Scotland is a safe space where women can reflect, discuss and inform one another. We are open to all women who have their own story to tell, no matter if it reflects one another or is unique in its trauma. We respect women, their lives, their needs and their strength. We are not phobic anything, we are progressive. We want to be part of the conversation, that is why we exist.

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