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Single Sex Providers Network

In 2021 a group of frontline workers from the violence against women sector began to meet. Initially the workers began to meet to offer support and to discuss the changes to the law that were being suggested in the Gender Recognition Bill. 

Initially 7 groups were represented. This has now grown to 16 groups from across Scotland. These groups include Women's Aid, Rape Crisis and independent, autonomous organisations. Some of these  workers have the full open support of management, other Boards are still considering their position, but have a desire to protect single sex service provision for women in the violence against women sector. All workers and their Boards have concerns about speaking publicly for fear of losing funding for their services in the name of inclusivity, as we have seen in Lanarkshire.

The Network has proved support and information for the member workers and organisations, but we believe that there are more workers out there who feel silenced and compromised by the cultural changes generated by the gender ideological stance being by elected representatives, local authorities and private organisations, with what appears to be a complete disregard for the needs of women who have, or will, experience male violence.

We call on our sisters and organisations who recognise and value the provision of single sex services to join us. Individual we can be silenced, but collectively we are strong.



Scottish Sisters and the Struggle for Funding - Podcast
Frontline Feminists Scotland join our sisters from Lanarkshire to look at the challenges to providing single sex services in Scotland. #143 Scottish Sisters and the struggle for funding — FiLiA

We welcome the guidance released by the EHRC regarding single sex provision, which can be read here. 

Our statement on the EHRC guidance.


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