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One of the biggest challenges to women's services is navigating the law. This should not be the case. Many believe the Law on women's rights is clear until gender identity is introduced. 

People should be able to identify however they wish, however the Law requires clairty , factual evidence and consistency. Gender identity is based on ideology and is an expression of how people feel, their objection to societal stereotypes and /  body dysphoria.

Feminists have been fighting societal stereotypes of gender for centuries, including how courts judge circumstances, such as women defending themselves from domestic violence. Clear definitions of sex however are required to not only ensure that women's hard-won sex based rights are protected, but that we recognise that women's sex is the source of their oppression by men and patriarchal structures. That is why women experience rape and sexual assault, are missing from life saving research and are subject to pornography and prostitution.

This page will strive to give services succinct information on the law. If you find anything that you think will support services to deliver single sex services email us the article below.


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Download the Equality Act 2010 here

Equality Act 2010: guidance - GOV.UK (

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Sex Matters - Are Single Sex Services Legal
This document outlines the legal situation for single sex service provision.
Are single-sex services legal? — Sex Matters (


Blog from Gordon Dangerfield on the singificance of the For Women Scotland victory in the Inner House of the Court of Session.

"This is what the court said about that [definition of "sex" and of "woman" and "man" for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010:

“[A] reference to a person who has a protected characteristic of sex is a reference either to a man or to a woman. For this purpose a man is a male of any age; and a woman is a female of any age…. [W]hen one speaks of individuals sharing the protected characteristic of sex, one is taken to be referring to one or other sex, either male or female.… Provisions in favour of women, in this context, by definition exclude those who are biologically male.”

This is unequivocal."

Frontline Feminists Scotland welcomed Gordon Dangerfield to a discussion on the law surrounding single sex provision of services. Gordon has helpfully  been outlining his understanding of the law in accessible blogs. Use the button to access the latest blogs or visit Gordon's blog site at Gordon Dangerfield – Law, Culture and Politics

Suella Braverman, Attorney General, Outlines the intentions and legal responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. Excellent keynote speech, but particularly relevant 30 mins in.

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