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Frontline Feminists Scotland values the role of Unions in our society. Many of our members are also members of a Union and often look to them for guidance and support in our many roles in our communities.

Unfortunately the Unions have not engaged sufficiently with women to encourage full discussion on Gender Reform or understand the ramifications of Self ID for women's Safety.

It is vital that women who are members of Unions make their voices heard. The desire to support communities who experience discrimination, such as the Trans community, is commendable, but that cannot be to the detriment of other oppressed groups, in this case women, particularly working class women.

Our members are keen to engage with women Trade Unionists and Fiona has been coordinating gender critical groups across the UK. For more information on these groups contact



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The Scottish Trade Union Congress is the independent and autonomous Trade Union Centre in Scotland. The attached Women's Committee focuses on women's equality and campaigns on issues significant for women members.

Women's Committee - STUC

Check if your Union is affiliated here: 

Affiliate Unions - STUC

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Women from across the World talk about the importance of women leaders in Trade Unions

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It's all about organising - Podcast
Rozanne Foyer, the first woman appointed to the role of General Secretary in the STUC speaks to Union Dues.

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