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What is a woman?

It is alarming in 2022 that after centuries of discussion, research and identified need for specific service provision, some of our candidates cannot answer the question, “what is a woman?”


We believe this to be dishonest. We consider it is blatantly clear what a woman is, and is twofold.  That itis recognisable not only through our experience and reality, but also evidenced by the continuing discrimination of women and girls based on their sex,  before birth through selective abortion and immediately from birth by how girl children are treated. Continually denying the vast range of realities of sexism experienced by women, from over responsibility in unpaid caring roles to rape and femicide is gaslighting that is driven by misogyny, internal and individual, underpinned by societal norms.  Women’s sex-based rights are further eroded by other forms of discrimination and oppression. Experiences of ageism, disablism, homophobia and racism, as well as social oppression such as poverty, create an intersectional hurricane for women. Society then compounds this by blaming women for the chaos created by this phenomenon. This is not acceptable.

A woman is an adult female.


It is not difficult to speak the truth. 


We therefore demand that candidates openly acknowledge and promote women’s sex-based rights committing to the mitigation of these forms of oppression by identifying local solutions.  This requires a gendered perspective on all activity by local councils, robust Equality Impact Assessments at a local level and realistic resources and capacity to respond to women’s needs.



  • The right to dignity such as being offered a female carer

  • The right to feel safe accessing public swimming facilities by having single sex changing and washing spaces.

  • The right to exercise and leisure in community spaces that meet the needs of women and children, not just cars and adult men’s leisure pursuits.  e.g. Safe lighting, quality public transport, public park layouts, pavement gritting as well as road gritting during winter periods.

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